My name is James Childs and I have been a professional animator for about twelve years. I have worked in tv, video games, and dvd productions, and worked with an array of licensed characters from Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Brothers.

I have a multitued of experience working on various projects from pre-production all the way through to final stages and release. For my resume please click here.

I am currently freelancing and interested in working with creative and talented people. If you are interested then please get in contact.

studios I have worked at

  • Character Animation
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Motionbuilder
  • Photoshop


Below is a selection of published games, broadcast tv shows, and other work, that I have worked on. There are a number of projects that unfortunately, due to the nature of my industry, don't get published/commissioned, and so won't appear in my portfolio. I hope to add other cool and exciting projects to my portfolio in the future.


I only worked with James for a short period of time whilst at Blitz, but the impact of seeing his work was immediate. James is a fantastic animator specialising in a cartoony style, but now having seen some of his more realistic work he's starting to annoy me :) ...James is fast becoming an all-rounder and would make a great addition to any animation team. I think his biggest strength is his creativity... ideas firing off in his head like fireworks.......I'd actually put money on one of his parents being a cartoon. [ Michael Ryan - Senior Animator ]

I've worked alongside James for a number of years. Most of our work required quick turn around without any time to polish. James has an amazing talent and workflow, that despite the extremely short deadlines he's still able to produce animation that looks as polished as animations with far more time spent on them. He's also very friendly with a great sense of humor, something that I find goes a long way when working in pressurized jobs. I'd like to work alongside James in the future!. [ Peter Butler - Director @ LoneOak Productions ]


If you would like to get in contact to talk about future work then please fill out the form below and I will endevour to reply as soon as I can.

See below for alternative ways to get in contact:

Twitter [@mrjchilds]

FaceBook [james.childs.792]

Skype [james_childs]

LinkedIn [James-Childs]

I look forward to hearing from you soon!